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Click on the video above to view a tutorial on how to get appointed/contracted with ANICO.

Getting Contracted With American National Insurance Company

Follow these steps to get contracted with ANICO:

1. Visit the ANICO NoMoreForms page.

2. In the First Time User section, add your first name, last name and social security number without dashes or spaces (not FEIN or Tax ID).

3. Create and confirm a personal password (3-12 characters).

4. Enter BSGPJSOL (All caps) as the client package code.

5. Click “Logon To NoMoreForms” button.

6. Open each form and fill out all the information required. Scroll down to the end of each page and hit the submit button.

Special instructions for Form IMO BS Transmittal #4:

  • NMD: First Financial security, Inc.
  • PC#: L8188
  • Email Address: Contracting@FirstFinancialSecurity.com

7. Click on the “Submit Form” button (this button will only be visible after EVERY form has been completed and saved).

8. Enter the personal password you created and click “Submit” button.  Once you have submitted everything you will receive a confirmation number.

To get appointed with NLG/LSW, please send en email to contracting@firstfinancialsecurity.com and request an NLG contracting/appointment link.